Saturday, March 23, 2013

From HEALTHY to SCULPTED: Month 3ish

Hello world!
So its month 3, and I'm just strolling along..Today was the first time we did measurements since I've started the dedicated workouts. I've been consistently going to the gym for the past 3months and its feels pretty awesome. I now walk into the gym, and I know its a place where I belong. Even the smoothie girl knows exactly how I like my protein shakes. lol Its a very cool thing to overcome that sense of discomfort  that the gym can sometimes bring. I used to feel intimidated to walk into the weight area, where its generally all males working out. Now, I'm one of the few girls that just walks right in and claims a spot to work in. Yea, they stare..But I've learned to not care..Instead I've learned to be proud that I can feel comfortable in that situation and not really care what people are thinking. Alfredo and Jen really helped me jump that hurdle by forcing me to do crazy workouts that I wasn't necessarily the best at. Maybe there's a fear of not being able to do the workouts and that being viewed as "weak". and through that, I actually found a lot of "strength". Realize it takes some guts to just try. Then to perfect. A guy at the gym once compared how easy a workout looked when Jen did it, then how hard it looked when I did it...I'd be sweating bullets and Jen, barely breaking a sweat. At first I wanted to hurt him, lol. Then I just took at it as a starting mark to gage progress. That specific workout was doing alligator crawls. I'll have to post a pic or a video of what that looks like, but its hard as hell!! I couldn't even do it. I'd do a modified version, which I called froggies, move arms out, and bring legs to chest dragging a 10lb weight. I kept working on the modified version, then one day, I was told I could do I didn't believe I was strong enough. But I did them!! so I keep making marks of progress, which have kept me proud through all of this. So now that  I can almost do the whole hallway without stopping, I look back and remember what this guy once said, and I see how far I've come. I still drip sweat, but I keep going. I can deadlift 30lbs. I can do up to 25,"male"pushups in 30seconds. lol I know can run up to 6.0mph. and I've learned how to get sore all by  myself. lol My support team has been amazing. Even a new friend is on board with checking in to see that I've made it to the gym. I get asked for proof too. I have to send pics of  my running speed and all. lol Its nice
I didn't get weighed or measured until now because I really wanted to focus more on just the fact that I feel great and that I see progress in my strength and endurance. But today was a good reminder that I'm headed in the right direction. Since I started working out like I have, I have lost 13lbs and a total of 13inches all over my body...Which I'm very proud of. Its nice to see hard work pay off. and To see myself really create my reality as I see fit. I'm very excited and will continue on. Lets see what month 4 brings.
This Jen and I doing our routine 2 mile run before the boot camp begins..Love my Jen!! :)  Best workout buddy ever..I'm so grateful...and yes, per Juan's request, there will be many more pics to follow. But thought I'd at least introduce you to Jen!!

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