Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 123

Today is a great, gloomy day. Crazy thunderstorms. Love it. I felt compelled to write as well as actually having the time, so here I am. I have been so busy lately. Photography is picking up and I feel greatly motivated to get this business of the ground. My year has been great so far, that I figured lets make this a complete package deal. To continue putting efforts into parts of my life that I want developed. Its amazing how fulfilling photography is for me. Maybe my brother disagrees because of the lack of pics on this blog lol. My blog is like my diary. So, theres not always pictures. Theres no pictures in a book, is there? You create them. Maybe the message is that my writing isnt that good so give me something

Lately, so many things fulfill me. I'm more easily fulfilled. lol Its more natural. I love where I am. I finally received the settlement from my car accident that happened almost two years ago. I feel so blessed. I just paid my name off...I dont owe money to anybodyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Its such an amazing feeling. I feel clean. Like I just showered. lol So now I'm in the works of looking for a new car. Which is also a huge blessing. Things are happening and its awesome to witness.

My relationships with people have changed. I have truly enjoyed living that. People treat me differently, which is something I used to observe before as well. 63lbs ago, people wouldn't make eye contact with me. In gatherings or events, sometimes not even talk to me. Meet me 10 times and still say, "Nice to meet you". Its a bit different now. Its a different feeling and I take it as genuine. Our presence in this world makes an impact in everything. Including people's behaviors and thoughts. Its totally up to you what kind of impact you chose to reflect. I'm more approachable. Not as gaurded. I feel no need to defend myself anymore, because I feel as if I'm enough. So the need to prove to everyone that I'm worthy has disappeared. That to me, equals freedom.

Thank you for reading.

My beautiful family. My biggest support. 

My mom and I. LUMTT

Princess Ari.

Ani and Ari.

My friend Jenny and I at a wedding.

Here I am. Yes, I'm in a barn.